Marklin ticket machine No. 2091, around 1900, length 21 cm with original clip-on label, tickets and the original tokens! By inserting the coins, the corresponding tickets can be drawn. The stamp machine also works one-way through the printer plates for validation. Marklin automatic stamping machine No. 2095, around 1900, height 19 cm with a working stamp for validating tickets. Marklin stamp machine No. 2098 around 1900, height 18 cm, with working stamp for validating the tickets, finely hand-painted.
All machines are in their very beautiful original condition and are extremely rare!
Carette Barmen-Elberfeld Wuppertal Suspension Railway No. 1080 / 2H
It has two high-voltage motors that transport the suspension railway and some of the original figures are still available. Very artistic, expressive brown / yellow hand paint and according to the 0 gauge scale. The Kaiserwagen has been driving since 1902 and the Carette company replicated in perfect shape and color.
You can still drive the restored Kaiserwagen on weekends today.
These three Märklin Fans No. 3381 (around 1912) with electric motor drive and three anchors, were powered by batteries, accumulators or dynamos of 2-4 volts. The fans are made of solid cast iron and finely hand-painted. The height of the sprue is approx. 16 cm and the total height is approx. 25 cm. They are probably the only three fans of this type that have appeared worldwide to this day. The condition of all fans is absolutely original, one was produced with cellulose blades and the other two with metal blades, as there were two variants to order.
Märklin Fan No. 3288 (around 1908) for connection to direct / alternating 110-120 volts. For this fan the Märklin Motor No. 3287/1 is used and the fan can be swiveled as required. The fan is made of solid cast iron and finely hand-painted. The height of the sprue is approx. 22 cm and the total height is approx. 30 cm. This fan is in its original condition and is the only known specimen worldwide.
Two very impressive racing cars from Günthermann, in the largest version of 28 cm. They were produced around 1904, lithographed and the blue car has the original rubber tires and the other was originally made with tin tires. The cars were produced for the "Gordon Bennett Cup", which was a motor sport event held annually from 1900 to 1905. The picture also shows the smaller version of the Menier chocolate machine, with a height of 28 cm. The large version is in the picture with the Hispania tram.
Hispano Suiza

Exceptional piece Hispano Suiza from the Spanish company Rico RSA (Alicante). The special characteristic is its length – 62 cm, as there are only two known specimens worldwide in this size. In the 1920s, this car was otherwise only available in four smaller versions in Spain. Absolute museum piece with the original fabric top. A clockwork drive and electric lighting are available.


 Hispania Strassenbahnen

The Hispania (Barcelona) tram was produced around 1914. It is equipped with a clockwork drive. It is hand-painted in the finest form, approx. 60 cm long and has real glass panes. The original tram was driving in the streets of Barcelona from 1914. The construction comes from Girona and was driven by two AEG motors with 20'6 kW.
Finding these two Hispania double decker trams of this type must be every Hispania collector's dream. They are the only two known of this type and in excellent condition.
The tram looks perfect in combination with the Menier chocolate vending machine in the form of an advertising column. The chocolate machine in the large version of 50 cm is absolutely rare, produced around 1920 and in an exceptional condition.



Märklin racing cars-prototypes - Hermann Göring

These two cars were once owned by Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring in 1938. They were specially made for Göring by Märklin as prototypes for his big 100 square meters display in Karinhall. Usually these cars were produced in red colour, with clockwork and as a constructor with screws, but for Göring Märklin made them soldered, in blue and white colour and with big electric motor inside (20 V) for the biggest racing car display ever made. Each car is 37 cm long.

The cars were owned by Göring's family until 1980s. 

Carette handpainted car with original figures 40 cm long. It is difficult to find clockwork limousines in such nearly perfect condition with the original lady and the driver as it was sold in 1908 in Barcelona. The luggages were made by Märklin like a decoration pieces for cars and trains.



"Diana" is a clockwork hand-painted paddle-boat from 1906 made by Märklin. The boat is 30 cm long. When the boat is small you can recognise more elegance in its centre part, that is why many collectors prefer smaller boats made by Märklin rather than big ones.


Märklin luxury limousine, 1908, 47 cm long, handpainted.

This red car by Märklin was owned by a very rich English lord until the beginning of 1970s. There is a special mechanical chain that with the help of clockwork rotates the back wheels. There are three such cars known in the world, but this one is the only that is known in the original colour. This is one of the best cars ever made by a toy maker! 

The two street lamps that you can see on the background have original bulbs from the time when they were made (1905). The height of each lamp is 46 cm.



"Jupiter" paddle-boat nr 1069 was published in the Märklin catalogue from 1901. The boat is in unbelievable original condition – it has very strong colours, one of the best Märklin paddle-boats ever found. Clockwork driven, 50 cm long.


A very beautiful early Märklin gauge 3 clockwork train, 120 cm long, handpainted. It is one of the first and prettiest trains from 1895. In this period nearly everything was handmade. Catalogue Nr 1023 B. 


The only one Märklin gauge 3 train known in the world in this combination. The loco B1023 is a prototype with the biggest clockwork ever used for the two axel locomotive. One of the best looking Märklin gauge 3 sets with a special roof. In wonderful original condition. 


On this photo we have a choice of different Märklin aero-nautical toys. Very rare Wright brothers clockwork flying machine from 1909; wings length is 44 cm. The biggest Zeppelin from the same time (1909), 42 cm long.



Maltête et Parent 1890, one of the best French floor trains ever made. Clockwork, hand-painted, in absolute original condition with original figures. Train length 120 cm, gauge size 75 mm.