Buying and selling toys

Do you want to sell your own collection or have you inherited toy antiques that you would like to sell?
With pleasure! At toy antiques Georg Kaul, we are discreet and professional in the second generation, and do everything we can to ensure that your sale is handled fairly. This is a top priority for the entire team.

Please contact me if you want to buy or sell your toys. Please send me all available photos.

Georg Kaul

Tel: +49 171 5319589

What we are buying and selling?

  • High quality tin railways and accessories of all gauges before 1950; especially from Märklin, Bing, Schoenner, Rock & Graner and all other.
  • Model trains and complete collections of all gauges and model cars from 1935 till now; especially from Märklin, Fleischmann, Roco, Trix, Liliput, Fulgurex, Tenshodo and others.
  • Old tin cars, motorcycles, carriages and trams.
  • Old steam engines and engine parts.
  • Tin carousel.
  • Flying objects, zeppelins, etc.
  • Old tin ships.
  • Old mechanical tin figures.
  • Old wooden toys before 1915.
  • Old Christmas decorations, Santa Clauses, Christmas tree decorations.
  • Old advertising in form of enamel sign, vending machines, etc.
  • Old advertising posters, cinema advertisings, etc.
  • Old industrial electro motors and as a model.
  • Old music boxes and mechanical automats.
  • Old dolls and Teddy bears.
  • Old luggage and advertisiments from Louis Vuitton.